Online lessons with Julia Sensei from Instagram - @learn.japanese ! ABOUT LESSONS Durations: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes. Where: Zoom (online video platform - Please register it before the lesson) Date and Time: Anytime! Contents: discussed before your lesson, but I can suggest you that we can... - analyse your favourite song lyrics - have your questions answered - just have a conversation and keep speaking Japanese ... and some grammars and vocabularies related to the topic in the lesson. How it works: 1, Purchase the lesson you want. 2, Register your info and complete your purchase. 3, The teacher gives you a message to the email you’ve registered. 4, Discuss the date and time of your lesson 5, The link of Zoom is sent 10 minutes before your lesson time 6, Join the meeting on time! *** Get the option “Conversation Script” for more improvements!! ... You can get the PDF of the whole conversation of the lesson so you can revise what the teacher actually said after the lesson! Don’t leave any unknown words! ——————————————— ABOUT TEACHER - Name: じゅりあ/ Julia - A native Japanese raised in Kanagawa & Kumamoto, Japan, and Auckland, New Zealand. - Speaking language: Japanese (Kanto and Kumamoto dialects) and Kiwi English - Love exploring the beauty of Japanese, and other languages too! (Learning French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Russian, Arabic, and Tagalog! ) - Started teaching since 2015 on Instagram, as I wanted to do something to help people! - Supported by 92k followers! - Aspiring linguist as well as an App-creator - Planned Apps: Verb conjugation dictionary (released soon), Japanese grammar checker, an app that connects tourists and those language-learners to help each other etc. Languages open your potentials... Try your best as much as you can, and I’m here to support you!